Putting it in a bottle makes all the differenc when fermenting liquids like kombucha, kefir, and, even hot sauce and ketchupe. Not only aesthetically, but in the case of the first two, it is a necessary step to achieve perfect carbonation, as I explained in this article.

My favourite bottle, and the ones I use the most, are the AYL Flip Top Glass Bottle. They are built to handle the pressure, which is extremely necessary if you intend to have carbonated drinks. In addition, their lid seals the bottle perfectly since it resembles a silicone cork attached to the flip-top cap instead of a silicone ring.

As I said on the Recommended Jar page, when talking about jars, I think it is ok to use glass jars you already have in your house from other foods if it follows the criteria to be suitable for fermented foods (you can check them here and here). However, with bottles for carbonated drinks, I recommend using only bottles that were manufactured to handle pressure. 

When the drink is carbonating, a lot of pressure builds up, and can lead to explosions. It already happened to me twice, and I finally learned my lesson. Please, learn from me so you don’t have to clean your cupboard or ceiling full of blueberries and kombucha.

On a brighter note, the AYL Flip Top Glass Bottle, is made for pressured drinks, and I have been using them for a while now. There are two size options, 16oz and 33oz. 

I like the smaller size for two main reasons.

1) It makes it easier for me to experiment with different flavours and fermentation periods.

2) I am the only one in my home that drinks kombucha and water kefir frequently.

I would also recommend buying a Long Bottle Brush Cleaner so you can clean your bottles with no or minimal hustle. If buying a bottle, buy this as well. Trust me, you will thank me later.

As for the hot sauce/fermented ketchup bottles, I have never bought one specifically for it, and I don’t see a need to unless you are fermenting it in the bottle.

Right now, as I write this article, I am using a beautiful vinegar bottle with a good quality and nonplastic lid to keep my latest batch of fermented hot sauce. Since it stays in the fridge, the risk of explosions is ,minimal, and it looks great!

However, if you are using the bottle to ferment the sauce, you can use both of the abovementioned bottles. Another good option, if you are looking, for a smaller bottle is this 8.5 fl. oz Clip Top Bottle. Just remember to burp it regularly!